A Special Announcement

1st April 2017

It is with sadness, and a slightly shaky voice, that we bring you this SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Your friends, Orkestra del Sol, clowns of the clave, fools of fanfare, bouffants of brass, who have been bringing you JOYOUS brassy undertakings of a musical NATURE for many years – we are about to GO OUT WITH A BANG. Yes – 13 years after bursting onto Edinburgh’s streets – all youthful enthusiasm, buoyant harmonies and clattering percussion – we are calling it a day. When 2017 draws to a close, we will be hanging up those red & black suits for good. Our drycleaner is RELIEVED. We are saddened.

But wait – this is not a time for mourning – no DOOM, and please no GLOOM. This is an OPPORTUNITY for a full-on, no-holes-barred celebration of Orkestra del Sol! We won’t slip away quietly – NO! We have been playing UPLIFTING music that CHEERS THE SOUL in streets, village halls, theatres, venues and festivals for many years now. We can’t just stop without ending on a HIGH NOTE. And YOU, our friends, are invited to JOIN IN!

We have just recorded a NEW ALBUM. It is titled GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS, and it is filled with not only national happiness – but happiness of INTERNATIONAL PROPORTIONS. There will be a new MUSIC VIDEO, made by our esteemed long-time collaborator Mr STEPHAN TALNEAU, plus ALBUM LAUNCH PARTIES, a one-night-only Edinburgh Fringe show and a FAREWELL TOUR OF THE UK. 

As well as this, we will VERY SOON be inviting you to PRE-ORDER your copy of Gross National Happiness – and you’d better be QUICK, because we are making a very LIMITED EDITION run of CDs – only 1,000 copies. This will be Orkestra del Sol’s LAST ALBUM  – we guarantee you it is bombastic and BRASSY and packed with all the goodness you have come to EXPECT of us.

So, dear friends, keep your EYES PEELED for tour dates that will be announced soon, and your EAR TO THE GROUND for album news, our new FILM and more besides. We couldn’t have come this far WITHOUT YOU – and we hope you will join us during 2017, for our FINAL FANTASTICAL FLING.

Your friends,

Orkestra del Sol




© 2016 Orkestra del Sol