Dear friends,

It is not without a touch of sadness that we announce the end of Orkestra del Sol, but what better way to announce than to celebrate the glorious 15-year journey with a final film!

On April 30th 2003, at the Beltane Fire Festival, half a dozen revelling musicians played around the fire until dawn. Here, the first sparks flew, and ignited what was to become Orkestra del Sol. An incredible journey through music, friendship, festivals and far-flung adventures then followed. Exactly 15 years later we are sharing film of Orkestra del Sol’s final show – an all-day celebration held at Edinburgh’s Summerhall in December 2017. Twenty eight players from the band past and present came from far and wide to mark the end of an era and bid a bittersweet farewell to a band that is very close to our hearts. Huge thanks to Bartosz Madejski who captured a very special day and night on film.

Your friends,

Orkestra del Sol


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